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Water Controls

Water Controls

Hydralectric’s range of water controls include WRAS approved water blocks, isolation valves, and flow meters. Designed to be incorporated within water systems, Hydralectric’s range of ancillary water controls are designed to aid customers by measuring, isolating and managing water flow, as well as minimising the risk of flooding.

Hydralectric can supply the following water controls and pumps to complement our flexible hose assemblies and solenoid valves, creating a 360° solution for clients:

  • Flood prevention water block, with reset switch
  • Single/ Double back-flow prevention valves
  • Isolation valve
  • Flow meter

With a number of different designs available including high and low pressure positive displacement pumps, as well as high flow dynamic drain and distribution pumps, Hydralectric can select the most suitable model to meet your specific needs, whilst adaptable designs allow us to tailor the pump for your exact applications.

For more information on Hydralectric’s full range of water controls and pumps, get in touch.

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