Solenoid Valves

Our solenoid valve range

Pilot Operated Valves

Pilot Operated Solenoid Valves, also known as Hung Diaphragm, Assisted Lift, or Servo-Assisted Solenoid Valves are compact solenoid valves offering basic…

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Latching / Bi-stable Valves

Latching solenoid valves, also referred to as bi-stable solenoid valves uses a permanent magnet attached to the armature, when energised…

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Servo Assisted Valves

The Servo operated pilot valve is designed for low power 12VDC supplies with maximum 3 watts. The valve utilises a unique servo system…

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Direct Acting Valves

Direct acting solenoid are independent of the incoming water pressure using a diaphragm directly linked to the armature. When the coil is energised…

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Proportional Valves

The Proportional Solenoid Valve offer the same On/Off control as standard Pilot-Operated Solenoid Valves but with the added functionality…

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Bespoke Valves

Hydralectric have the capabilities to help develop bespoke valve solutions to meet your exact specification. Unique valve body design…

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