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How Technology Is Changing Push-Fit Valves

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Invented by an engineer in the 1970s, push-fit technology has made some incredible developments over the years. Simple yet successful, it was initially developed to save time and materials in the construction industry in terms of connecting pipes, and today it’s become a vital part of the plumbing and heating industry.

While push-fit valves may have historically been an inferior method of joining over soldering, as the years have gone by the technology has become more advanced. The result? That not only has it become a superior option in the plumbing and heating world, but many different industries (including telecommunications, water purification, and automotive) are benefitting from the quality and expert functionality of push-fit valves.

If you look at the technology involved, it’s easy to see why the use of push-fit valves in high-performance settings is becoming invaluable to many industries. With their simple yet effective ability to lock into position and perform incredibly, whatever the environment, there are several benefits over ‘traditional’ valves.

Push-fit valves are faster and easier to use

Especially when used in conjunction with other push-fit fittings, the speed of use makes installations using push-fit valves so much faster than when using other types of valve. In fact, we’re talking often only a matter of seconds to fit the valve!

No need for specialist tools

Unlike other valves, you don’t need anything other than your hands to fit push-fit valves. So not only do they make a job easier and quicker (meaning cost benefits as well), they make your toolbox lighter!

They make it easy to rectify mistakes

If a valve has been fitted incorrectly or something else has happened which means it needs to be re-fitted, all you need to do is de-mount and re-fit. It’s as simple as that – there’s no need to use tools to remove the valve, or scrap and replace the equipment you’ve fitted the valve on.

Another fantastic aspect of push-fit technology is the result, particularly in plumbing installations. Think about it, with systems made up of metal pipework and traditional fittings, users are often left with creaking pipes as the temperature changes. With push-fit valves and fittings on plastic pipework, that noisy ‘old house’ effect is no longer a problem! No need for soldering metal pipes, because thanks to how easy it is to use push-fit valves, efficient plastic pipework can be easily secured and locked.

While misconceptions about push-fit valves may have stopped you from using them in the past, their current success should leave you in no doubt about their quality and performance. A pioneering product that’s ideal for professionals in the plumbing and heating industry, as well as many others, these incredible valves save you time and energy that can be spent on other parts of the job. Exceptionally simple yet incredibly useful, as well as offering great flexibility, dependability, AND at low cost – what more could you ask?

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