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Our Industries

OUR Industries

At Hydralectric, we are passionate about delivering quality water. We currently work with over 500 businesses across various industries, all of whom are as passionate about water quality as we are. Our range of QUALFLEX™ flexible hoses and bespoke solenoid valves are specifically designed to offer solutions, delivering superior water quality to the end user. 

Don’t see your sector Below? We also work with manufacturers of caravans and cleaning equipment – to name a couple. We’re always looking for a new challenge, get in touch with our experts here and find out how Hydralectric can help your business.

  • Building Services

    Standard and project-specific flexible hoses for the installation of residential and commercial HVAC and closed water systems

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  • Catering Equipment

    We partner with market leading catering equipment OEMs and distributors to supply flexible hoses and solenoid valves

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  • Drinks Vending

    Solenoid valves, pumps and flexible hose systems for beverage dispense systems to deliver safe, taint-free potable water

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  • Healthcare

    High quality flexible hoses designed to prevent microbial growth, recommended for plumbing in hospitals and medical premises

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  • Heating

    Highly efficient standard and bespoke flexible hoses for domestic and commercial heating systems

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  • Plumbing

    Our extensive catalogue range of flexible hoses, exclusive to plumbers merchants, are trusted by plumbers and installers in the UK

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  • Shower / Bathroom

    We specify, design and supply solenoid valves and flexible hoses to domestic and commercial bathroom appliance OEMs

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  • Water Softeners

    Our flexible hoses are developed in partnership with water softener OEMs, to deliver superior taint-free potable water

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