Water softeners


Approved water controls

Greater knowledge of the detrimental effects of hard water on appliances, pipework, heating systems and detergent consumption has driven demand for water softeners in domestic and commercial use. This in turn has brought water softener manufacturers to Hydralectric in search of ways to make their products more streamlined and efficient. We offer technical expertise in researching materials and designing space-saving concepts, as well as sourcing materials, managing the production process and organising scheduled logistics for the finished part.

WRAS approved water softener kits

Working in collaboration with the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS), our engineers have delivered approved solutions in two main product areas:-

  • Installation and bypass kits – we supply flexible hoses, isolation and non-return valves to form part of a WRAS approved kit of parts, bagged and ready to install.
  • Plastic bypass systems – we design and develop client specific bypass systems to reduce the space and material costs against traditional systems.