Stainless steel braided flexi hose assemblies

The delivery of safe, clean water for domestic and commercial use is of paramount importance, particularly in hospitals and schools, where HSE concern over the use of unapproved EPDM has brought about the need to use alternative materials. The growing use of pushfit connections in place of traditional brass is another example of the constant quest for new materials that comply with regulations, as well as offering improvements in terms of quality, reliability and cost. We are always working to meet these challenges, from research and development through component sourcing and production control to final delivery, drawing on our 20 years experience of supplying flexible hoses for hot and cold potable water.

WRAS approved PEX hoses for NHS and healthcare

We have developed two ranges of robust flexible hose for the connection of hot and cold potable water supplies in domestic and commercial plumbing systems:-

The Classic range is a robust braided flexible hose, tested and approved by the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) for the safe, taint-free conveyance of potable water.

  • WRAS approved for both hot and cold water
  • Excellent abrasion and crush resistance
  • Excellent flexibility and kink resistance
  • Wide selection of standard plumbing connections

The Excel PEX range is our alternative solution to the use of EPDM. It is made from a semi-flexible PEX liner that complies with stringent regulations regarding microbacterial growth and cross-infection.

  • WRAS approved for both hot and cold water
  • Unique green tracer band for easy identification against other materials
  • Excellent abrasion and crush resistance

We also supply the standard range of plumbers’ merchant ‘flexis’ in shorter and longer lengths to solve installation problems where access is difficult.