Hot Water Boiler and Sustainable Energy Solutions

The move towards sustainable energy has brought new opportunities to the heating industry, alongside the constant quest to improve the efficiency and ergonomics of traditional heating systems. We work with OEMs to achieve these improvements and supply a range of standard and bespoke flexible hoses for domestic and commercial closed heating systems, including:-

  • Condensing boilers
  • Combination gas boilers
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Sustainable energy applications


Eco-friendly Heating and Cooling Systems

Speed of installation and the labour cost of assembly are important factors for high volume boiler manufacturers and our engineers are constantly working on ways to improve the transition from heavier, more expensive brass and copper components to engineering plastics. We can source internationally, manage the supply chain, monitor quality control and arrange logistics. We have successfully completed complex projects in this sector and are proud to have delivered on time and in budget.

We have also responded to the growing demand for air source heating systems by expanding our Elite flexible hose range to include hoses that connect between the external appliance and heat interface unit. These can be supplied pre-insulated to help minimise overall heat loss.