Catering equipment


Solenoid valves and flexible hose for freestanding appliances

The commercial catering sector has grown rapidly in recent years and with that growth has come an increased demand for catering equipment to meet exacting standards of hygiene and energy efficiency. With 30 years of catering sector experience behind us, we are very familiar with the requirements of OEMs in developing next generation appliances and we work closely with them to specify and design products and sub-assemblies that are fit for purpose which includes solenoid valves, pressure switches and flexible hoses for appliances that rely on sophisticated water control systems, including:

  • Automatic hot water boilers
  • Glass and dishwashers
  • Ice machines
  • Self-cleaning steam ovens

Approval standards

Our engineers are constantly making improvements to the range and functionality of products, working in cooperation with our clients’ design engineers to understand and meet their ever-increasing standards. We also help our clients in their ambitions to expand into international markets by researching the relevant homologations for electrical safety and water quality to ensure our products comply.

The sector is also supported by an experienced customer service team and a tailored logistics plan.