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Latching solenoid valves, also referred to as bi-stable solenoid valves feature a permanent magnet attached to the armature, when energised with short 250msec 6 volt pulse the armature is forced into either open or closed state depending on the signal polarity. They provide effective on/off control of water services ranging from 0.2 – 10bar where a constant supply of electrical power is either not appropriate or available.

Our extensive range can be supplied with a latching operating system without any change to solenoid valve external features. The compact design and robust construction ensures a long service life, which has been tested up to 50,000 operations on hot and cold water supplies up to 85°C.

Latching solenoid valves are ideally suited for applications using battery or low power electronic power supplies, these include commercial urinal and automatic faucets and sprinkler systems.

Sizing Image

Buy Name Brand Ambien

For more information relating to performance and materials, download the technical datasheet.

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