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Sizing Image

Last year proved to be a record year for UK manufacturer Hydralectric, who’s production of hoses grew more than 10% compared to 2015 – the most in the company’s 40-year history.

WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved hose assemblies are responsible for over three-quarters of Hydralectric’s production volume, supplied to market leaders and OEM clients within the plumbing, bathroom, catering, healthcare and drinks vending industries. The remaining 450,000 hoses are produced for use in building services and HVAC sectors – an integral component in fan cool units, chilled beams, boilers, and air source heat pumps.

Positioning itself as a ‘solution-led manufacturer’, Hydralectric is the UK’s largest manufacturer of flexible metal braided hoses and modified solenoid valves. Working with the market leaders in vending, Hydralectric embrace a co-operative approach with customers: Manufacturing both standard and bespoke components, creating valuable partnerships with OEM clients to provide solutions for maximum efficiency. Hydralectric offer a robust range of WRAS approved hoses, designed for both hot and cold potable water applications under Hydralectric’s own Qualflex ™ brand.

Newly appointed managing director Simon Willis, who replaced Paul Ring as Hydralectric Managing Director in October 2016, is eager for greater success for the Surrey manufacturer:

“Far from resting on our laurels, we have taken definitive action to drive Hydralectric forward in 2017. By investing in our marketing effort, hiring a new business development manager, combined with a real focus on developing both new territories and new product sees us look forward to the coming year with real enthusiasm and huge optimism. It would be fair to say that the business got a little bit comfortable over the last couple of years and there is now a pace and drive to take the business from good to great.”

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