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Sizing Image

After 6 years as Managing Director, Paul Ring has stepped down from Hydralectric Group Ltd, leaving newly appointed Simon Willis steering the £7.5 million manufacturing business.

Founded in 1976 by Ron Hayward, Hydralectric was initially setup as the UK distributor for an Italian washing machine pump manufacturer. Operated from a small workshop in nearby Addlestone, the business finally moved to its current premises in 1999. Today, the Byfleet facility spans 1500sqm, including offices, warehousing, and manufacturing facilities for forty employees including twenty full-time production staff.

Paul Ring joined Hydralectric as a consultant on a temporary contract, before eventually becoming Managing Director in 2010.

In 2015, Chairman Colin Hayward decided to take the business to the next level, selling Hydralectric to private equity firm to Rockpool Investments in September 2016. Whilst Ring opted to embrace new projects, the rest of the management team will remain with Simon Willis taking up the vacant Managing Director role. Willis’ impressive CV boasts Australian wine producer Hardy’s, vending giants Crane Merchandising, in addition to parts distributor Abbeychart. Furthermore, Andrew Bristow, who has over fifteen years’ experience of the foodservice market, has also been appointed as Chairman and intends to play an active role. Willis commented:

“Colin and Paul must be commended for building Hydralectric into an established market leader in multiple sectors and one of the area’s major employers. The new management team is relishing the challenge of leading the company to the next level, expanding our services into new sectors and further growing the business”

In his final address to Hydralectric team, Ring reminded his employees:

“I have concentrated my efforts on building a professional infrastructure based on quality and integrity to provide a platform for growth. The new owners will, inevitably, introduce change and I can only see this as a new element to generate excitement and opportunity and from my discussions with Simon I can see that this is already underway.”

Hydralectric would like to thank Paul for his contribution to the business, and wish him the very best for his new ventures.

Generic Ambien Cost Without Insurance

Serving some of the biggest names in the heating, shower, drinks vending, and catering industries around the world, Hydralectric has grown to become the UK’s largest manufacturer of premium quality flexible hoses and supplier of added value solenoid valves, pumps and water controls. In addition, we support OEM customers’ development requirements by successfully engaging with clients own technical teams.