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We understand the importance of preserving and delivering taint-free odourless potable water for manufacturers of water softeners, which is why Hydralectric works with some of the biggest names in water softeners. We regularly evaluate new materials on the market to provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

Aside from the development and manufacture of flexible hoses to deliver superior taint-free drinking water, Hydralectric work in collaboration with the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) to delivered approved solutions specifically for water softener manufacturers:

  • Installation and bypass kits – we supply flexible hoses, isolation and non-return valves to form part of a Carisoprodol 350 Mg For Sleep kit of parts, bagged and ready to install.
  • Plastic bypass systems – we design and develop client specific bypass systems to reduce the space and material costs against traditional systems.

To ensure the best quality of water is delivered to the end user, we recommend our thermoplastic coextruded high-quality food-grade Buy Valium Xanax Online. Fully WRAS approved, Hydravend features a black mirror-smooth DuPont™  Hytrel® liner to prevent microbiological growth and improve water flow.

Buy Klonopin Pills

Buy Klonopin Pills

Manufacturing in the UK for over 40 years, Hydralectric design, develop and produce several flexible hose ranges from 6mm to 25mm suitable for both potable water and building services applications. Specialising in WRAS approved flexible hose assemblies, we work with numerous OEM clients worldwide, as well as supplying an extensive network of merchants and distributors within the retail sector.

Hydralectric also offer a range of plastic bodied solenoid valves for the safe conveyance, distribution and control of water for human consumption - including catering equipment and washroom technologies, all of which are fully customisable to client specifications.